Forus wireless home surveillance is suitable for any building - a brand new apartment, a pre-war private house or a country house. The advantage of the package is a wide range of accessories and flexibility due to the lack of wires. Our motion sensors are smart and also suitable for homes with pets. Remotely maintained sensors communicate with the central unit on a radio frequency that is not harmful to human health. Forus home surveillance provides an easy way to increase your home security. Even when you are away, thanks to the Forus home surveillance, you always have an overview of what is happening at home, and in the event of an accident, you can also react immediately from a distance. No cables need to be routed to install a wireless security system, and sensors can be placed where they are most useful. You can add to the package devices that in addition to notifying you of an uninvited guest, will also warn you about a flood caused by, for example, a broken water pipe.

You can have an overview of what is going on at home conveniently from a free mobile application, which also enables you to control the systems. In the event of an alarm, the devices send a signal to your phone and, in addition, to the Forus control centre. In the event of danger, the Forus patrol arrives immediately to check the situation.

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Forus Security Insurance – the highest degree of protection!

From 1 December 2021, all customers who have chosen the Home Surveillance and Smoke Detection package will also benefit from Forus Security Insurance. Forus Security Insurance has been developed in cooperation with If Kindlustus and provides protection against water and fire damages, theft and vandalism. We indemnify for up to 6,000 euros worth of damage with zero deductible for each insured event.

Forus Security Insurance will help you cope with unexpected expenses in an insured event.

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  • Beautiful design, wireless and easy to install

  • The equipment you rent has a lifetime warranty.

  • Surveillance service and 24/7 connection with the Forus control centre

  • The batteries last up to 4 years

  • Automatic battery check and low battery notification

  • The alarm is received as a message in the mobile application on your phone.

  • In case of danger, call the Forus patrol to check the situation or we can agree in advance that a patrol will be sent to the site automatically in case of any alarm.

  • The equipment is available in black or white

  • We will deliver the preset equipment to your home or parcel terminal.

  • If you have any questions with setup, send an e-mail to klienditeenindus@forus.ee. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and help you get your system up and running.

  • You can also order Forus to install the equipment


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